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Grip Safe Anti Slip Coating


Area Coverage
Coverage area is approximately 5m² per pack. One coat is sufficient.

Curing Time
Curing time is affected by air and ground temperature. Richco Grip Safe Anti Slip Coating will normally cure in approximately 24 hours at a temperature range of 15°C to 25°C. The product may take several days to cure thoroughly at temperatures below 10°C.
Richco Grip Safe Anti Slip Coating is available in a cold cure and will normally take approx 24 hours at 10°C or 48 hours at 0°C. Please ensure that the product is fully cured before putting the area back into use.

Surface Preparation
Concrete: Concrete to be treated must be at least four weeks old, completely dry and free of surface laitance (a weak dusty layer on concrete), contaminants and any previous poorly bonded coatings. All traces of grease or oil should be removed with a degreasant and the area thoroughly washed off and allowed to dry. Very smooth concrete or concrete with surface laitance should be etched with to ensure adequate adhesion.
Stone should be dry and free of all loose surface material and contaminants.
Painted Surfaces: Previously painted surfaces should be thoroughly abraded by sanding to improve adhesion and to remove any weak or loose material. A trial area is advisable to test compatability with previous coatings.
Bare Metal Remove any rust and flaking material by disc grinding or wire brushing. Apply the coating immediately after preparation to the clean metal surface. Grease or oil can be removed using a solvent free degreaser. Allow the metal to dry before coating.
Galvanised Metal: Do not apply the coating direct to galvanised metal surfaces without first preparing using suitable galvanised primer.

Pour the liquid contents of the small tins into the larger tin and mix thoroughly until uniform in colour. Do not mix in the aggregate. The mixed components must be decanted into a shallow roller tray and used immediately.

A pile roller should be used to apply the mixed resin and curing agent from a shallow roller tray. It is recommended that the product be applied in the following way:
1. Apply the mixed resin and curing agent and roll to a measured area of 5m².
2. Immediately sprinkle the aggregate onto the wet coating to obtain the desired surface finish (total or light coverage).
3. Using the same roller used to apply the mixed resin and curing agent, roll over the aggregate to bed it in and cover it with the coating.

Application Tools
Apply Richco Grip Safe Anti Slip Coating using a pile roller and shallow tray.

Cleaning of Application Tools
It is not practical to clean applicators and they should be discarded after use.