“Richco provided an excellent product that was quick and easy to apply”

“Our Decking Strips were delivered on time and just as Richco said, they were very easy to install”

Conformable Tape


Richco Conformable Tape is an cleaver non slip tape ideal for use on chequer plate steps and any areas that require the texture to remain as it moulds around the substrate pattern. Richco Conformable Tape is suitable for Do it Yourself applications.

The conformable material for Richco Conformable Tape is constructed from a soft aluminium foil base the top is then coated with aluminium oxide grit.

Once Richco Conformable Tape has been applied it contours to the texture of the substrate, as it has a foil base it has no memory so will not lift off.

Richco Conformable Tape is a non-plastic based product and is flame retardant.

  • High Quality Product
  • Conforms to Substrate Texture
  • Flame Retardant
  • Anti Slip