“Richco provided an excellent product that was quick and easy to apply”

“Our Decking Strips were delivered on time and just as Richco said, they were very easy to install”

Asphalt Paint


Richco Asphalt Paint is a solvent free paint for bitumen surfaces. Its thick, flexible coating is easy to apply by brush or roller and is ideally used in warehouses, plant rooms, asphalt walkways on roofs, car park bays, line markings, tennis courts and playgrounds.

Richco Asphalt Paint adheres well to concrete, brick, masonry and similar porous surfaces and is the ideal way to seal, protect and colour asphalt and similar surfaces.

  • Resistant to UV and Weathering
  • Suitable for Light to Medium Traffic
  • Flexible and Waterproof
  • Can be Applied to Damp Surfaces